projects list:

Live Art Collective East

For the past two years, Helen and Leslie have been working with artist-led collective Live Art Collective East (LACE). 

LACE emerged out of an artists' retreat organised by Colchester Arts Centre and led by Curious as part of a Live Art strategy for the Eastern region. Since then, LACE has gone from strength to strength and this Summer the artists will be presenting a series of eight brand new commissions across the East of England as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

The LACE identity is vibrant, diverse and flexible and is shaped by the people and skills within it. The artists come from a range of practices including performance art, live art, visual art, dance, theatre and digital art.

The LACE projects are the culmination of two years working together and they reflect an exciting array of brand new collaborations, solo creations, community engagement and site-specific work. From beach huts to cafes, from forest glades to shopping centres, LACE have challenged themselves to make new artworks in places you might least expect to encounter them.

For LACE, Leslie Hill is working with fine artist Chris Dobrowolski on a video trail exploring the epic and pathetic called Vanishing Point whilst Helen Paris is working with visual artist Caroline Wright and composer Jocelyn Pook on a site-specific performance for the beautiful Holkham Beach in Norfolk called Out of Water.